With Loomis you won’t have to worry about your cash security ever again.

As a business owner or manager you probably have a very full daily schedule. Too many things on your plate, as the saying goes! Worrying about and managing the security of your cash takes time and effort too. Loomis is here to help you with that.

The time freed up will give you more opportunities to focus on improving your business and developing people within that business - building for a successful future.


Risk management is one of Loomis’ greatest strengths, and security the foundation on which it is built. Many businesses and organisations benefit from our thorough and comprehensive approach to risk management.

Over the years, Loomis has established an effective and smoothly functioning structure for risk identification and management.

We continually asses and refine risk-preventing procedures and ensure they are thoroughly followed.

Our numerous risk specialists are always on hand to advise,

support and problem-solve.

Loomis follows a strict company culture - focused

on ethics, morals and transparency.

We have developed an entire secure-cash ecosystem,

designed to integrate seamlessly into your business operations, provide access to real-time information, and help to prevent risks.

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