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Loomis is here to help with a wide range of products and services, ranging from digital payment solutions, ATM services, smart safes and recycling machines, to basic cash collection, cash handling and delivery.

Each of these services, or any combination of them, is designed to reduce your operating costs, ensure you can use your team's time more efficiently, and eliminate internal waste. With robust and highly accurate reporting systems in place, Loomis can also help improve transparency – an important requirement for the public.




We streamline cash-handling procedures

Cash-handling and reconciliation time reduced or even eradicated thanks to our effective solutions.

Less risk - more time

With Loomis handling your cash logistics you can rest assured that your cash is completely secure. And you can forget about trips to the bank too - Loomis will transfer the cash directly to your account.

Robust online monitoring and reporting

Our customers value the ability to track cash activity and view and export reports at all times. The Loomis platform, accessible via mobile or tablet device, provides accurate real-time information at your fingertips.

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