Why choose Loomis ATM Solutions?

Loomis handles ATM operations from A to Z, tailoring the best solution to meet customers' needs and requirements for their ATM network. In addition to our 104 own ATMs, we operate the ATMs of several of the largest players in Norway.

Combining cash optimization and vendor management technology, our ATM setup focuses on increasing profitability by making ATM operations more efficient and productive.

When you choose to entrust your ATM fleet to Loomis, you are guaranteed to save time and resources. Simply put; you can safely let Loomis take care of cash handling, refilling and maintenance of your ATMs.







+130 000



Increase Profitability

Our own team is able to not only manage the cash, but also to perform fist line maintenance and assist in second line maintenance; at any hour or day of the week when it is needed so that your branch team can be dedicated to more productive tasks like sales and customer attention.

Optimal Setup

By managing local and global vendors, Loomis minimizes the hustle of integrating several providers in the ATM value chain, creating value from the start within its outsourcing ATM solutions.


Our monitoring services alert of any technical problem, wether they require first or second level maintenance, we keep your ATM running ensuring it is up and running.

What can Loomis do for your current ATM network?

  • Our cash optimization technology will let us know when is best to replenish your ATMs branch by branch, optimizing the amount of cash, and therefore the cost of capital of doing it
  • Loomis SLAS in First Level and Second Level Maintenance will ensure your ATM network productivity
  • Loomis takes care of the transportation, the delivery, installation and the securization of the location, of the ATMs within its outsourcing services. Loomis also performs the needed pre-configurations of the machines
  • Vendors and processor management, to optimize the ATM value chainTransactions switch and monitoring

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