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At Loomis, we understand how important it is to have a partner you can trust when it comes to optimizing and reducing the risk and time spent when handling cash.

Increase your presence in the market without increasing your physical footprint. With our solutions, you can lower the cash balance in the branches, and at the same time strengthen your customer relations.

With years of experience as a supplier in this industry, we are proud to be the reliable partner of the main banks throughout Europe and their central banks. We make cash handling efficient and sustainable through our smart route optimization, and circulate the cash back to society.


Risk Reduction

With Loomis on your team, you'll avoid situations that could compromise the safety of your employees and customers by reducing and outsourcing your cash holdings.

Cost effectiveness

Use the time that would otherwise be spent on cash handling to build stronger customer relationships and a more profitable business.

Robust online monitoring and reporting

Our customers value the ability to track cash activity, and view and export reports at any time. Loomis Customer Portal makes information about cash easily available.

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