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At Loomis, we let you accept and process cash quickly and easily. It gives your customers flexibility in choosing a payment method. Making it easy for your customers to pay however they want builds loyalty. It also has the potential to generate additional business and attract new customers.

With Loomis, you don't have to reconcile, transport, deposit and manage your cash settlements. Loomis reduces the risk of theft and increases the security of your team by removing the need for personal transportation and bank cash.






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Streamlined cash-handling

Your in-house cash-handling and reconciliation time will be substantially reduced thanks to our effective solutions. This will leave your people to focus on what’s most important - your business.

Risk prevention

Our processes ensure security is a of paramount importance at every stage. From reducing risk to your employees by transporting cash on your behalf, to lessening shrinkage from theft and accident, and providing cash safety and insurances, our services help you reduce risk and loss at all levels.

Robust online monitoring and reporting

Our customers value the ability to track cash activity and view and export reports at all times. The Loomis platform, accessible via mobile or tablet device, provides accurate real-time information at your fingertips.

Our Solutions

Cash Transportation

With Loomis Cash Transportation, we collect your payments as often as you want, based on the package you have chosen. Once the money has been counted, we transfer it to the account and make detailed data available in our portal.

Easy orders
Enhance security
Strengthen reporting
Reduce costs
Night Safe

Our nightsafes are continuously emptied, so you get a quick settlement on your account. It is simple, flexible and cost-effective. Loomis takes responsibility for your cash at the same time that it is deposited in a Loomis nightsafe.

Easy orders
Enhance security
Flexible delivery
Access to Loomis' night safe network
Petty Cash

Suitable for those who want delivery of change directly in your store. Our exchange solution can be purchased as a separate package or combined with other cash services, for example our night safe solution.

Strengthen reporting
Optimize vault network
Reduce costs
Easy orders

Our solutions

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